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Artist Blacksmith

Celeste Flores is a blacksmith in demand

Hire me for your home or business.

I work with many clients in the Bay Area doing custom furniture  and architectural work.  


I work in iron, steel,  bronze, brass, copper and aluminium. I also work as faculty at The Crucible, teaching youth and adults the art of blacksmithing: forging steel with a hammer and heat.

I am available for:

sculptures, furniture, railings, tables, gates, shelving and almost anything else you can imagine in metal.


All projects considered.

A sampling of my work

Timeless Design. Built for your life.

I work closely with clients to create a shared vision.

I enjoy the process of collaboration to create a design that will last for ages. Especially if it's bronze.  Bronze lasts a LONG time.

2017 update.jpg

Poppy plant stair rail

Private residence in Berkeley

A recently remodeled home in Berkeley requested a rail for their porch that would blend naturally to their garden.

Vitreous Table

Modern artistic handmade glass and steel table

This table was designed for a good friend who allowed me complete creative license.
I love the combination of organic and strongly geometric, while Andrew loves the beauty and translucence of glass


whisical Bronze Railing

Private residence in Kensington

Forged Organic bronze railing with posts off the beaten path

Mon - Fri: 9am-6pm
Sat: 10am-2pm
Sun: Closed




Oakland, CA, USA


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