Timeless design, Built for life

Timeless design, Built for life

Celeste Flores is a blacksmith in demand

Celeste Flores is a blacksmith in demand


Hire Me for your Home or Business

I work with many clients in the Bay Area doing custom architectural work and furniture. 


I work in iron, steel,  bronze, brass, copper and aluminium. I also love sharing my passion and knowledge of my craft. I am a faculty member at The Crucible where I teach youth and adults the art of blacksmithing: forging steel with a hammer and heat.

The design of each project is a collaboration between myself and the client

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I am available for:

Lighting, furniture, gates, railings and other beautiful decorative items.

All Projects Considered.

Office Availability :

Mon-Fri 10am - 12pm

Please feel free to call or email at your convenience.


I will return phone calls during scheduled office hours. 




Richmond CA, USA


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