Iron Curtain Rods

Exclusively Sold at Omega Lighting Design

Spade and Spear

Wave and Spiral

Shell and Gingko

Helix and Facet

These timeless iron curtain rods are handmade to fit your style and space. The clean beautiful forged finials are can fit within many different interior styles from modern to rustic. Any of the finials can also be made from naval brass. Contact Omega Lighting with your window measurements and choice of finials. Curtain rods can be either square or round, 1/2" or 5/8", twisted or straight.

Pick from the brackets below. At least one bracket for every five feet is recommended. Bends can be done at an added cost. Straight lines only, no curves. Omega can provide a finish of tung oil, Clay and Steel can hot patina the rod or you can do it yourself to be economical. 

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Small  U- Bracket 

Double U-Bracket

U- Bracket